I can read  in your Forum that many other users with Galaxy S9 plus have problems recording callers voice.
Your advice is to "root" the phone.
As I am a foreigner (Danish) could you please explain in details how does one "root" a phone?
Thank you


"Root a phone" means getting the superuser privilege of the phone to access some resources limited by the system. For example by default the system doesn't allow Boldbeast to change some audio settings to fix recording problems, however if Boldbeast gets the superuser privilege it can do so.

After root the phone you can allow one or more apps you trust to get the superuser privilege, but don't allow other apps to get it.

The root approach is different from phone to phone, please google "Root S9 Plus" to know how to root your phone.


Thank you Boldbeast for guiding me to "root" my phone (Galaxy S9 plus) in order to get a super-user privelige.
As I am "an old lady" and just an amateur with electronics I am a bit hesitant about "intervene in the mobile internal functions".
Is there no easier way to make the Boldbeast Call Recorder work.
Since June 2018 and until January 2019 the Call Recorder worked well with my Galaxy S9 Plus, both mine and the caller's voice was clear and loud.
What happened since Bold Beast all of sudden stopped working properly i.e. caller's voice became impossible to hear?
Is it not possible to fix the problems from your (Boldbeast) side?
Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.
May-Britt from Denmark


Here is the very detailed info:
https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic17 … rding.html