Thanks to Orr A, he told me he bought a Pixel 3a from Google Play store and used it in Israel, and without root Boldbeast Recorder works great, recorded calls are crystal clear in both sides. This is a good news.

However in some countries the call recording feature was disabled by Google, you'll find the caller's voice is very weak in recordings, no matter what recorder you are using in the market. In this case you should root the phone, then Boldbeast Recorder can fix it perfectly. After root the phone please use these settings to record calls: https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic17 … rding.html


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Unrooted US Pixel 3a here.

For an outbound call, it.... sorta almost works. The volume for both caller and receiver vary DRAMATICALLY though. In the same call (with no one changing the general volumes of themselves) the same speaker can go from crystal clear and almost too loud to so quiet it's impossible to hear them, with a general leaning towards 'quieter.' This happens to both speakers, independently, on the same call.


So Pixel 3A Android 9 in USA needs root, otherwise all recorders in the market don't work.

After root the phone, in Boldbeast Recorder please
- Click the item "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Install CallRecordingFix Module", it will display the folder name in which the CallRecordingFix module is saved.
- Use Magisk Manager to install the CallRecordingFix module.
- Power off then power on the phone.

Use these settings to record calls:
- Record Mode: 1
- Fix Recording Issues - Tune Audio Route: Group1
Now you should get crystal clear call recordings.


Tried that, just get a blank .amr file.


nickspiker wrote:

Tried that, just get a blank .amr file.

You said "blank", so the call was saved but the recording is silent. Your phone is running Android 10.

Android 10 please:
- Install the CallRecordingFix module as said above.
- In Boldbeast Recorder tap "Call Settings - Manually Record Calls - Hotkey" to open the Accessibility settings screen, enable Boldbeast Call Recorder accessibility service on the screen. 

Use these settings to record calls:
- Record Mode: 12
- Fix Recording Issues - Tune Audio Route: Group1