I'm interested in an app that allows me to save voice memos  as MP3 files and lets me specify my Bluetooth headset as the audio source.
In memo settings there are several options. None of them seem to map to my Bluetooth headset.

Is it possible to set a Bluetooth headset as the audio source for a voice memo? I have read that it is possible for the app to record the phone conversation using the Bluetooth audio input.

I am also curious if it is possible to trigger a memo recording using one of the buttons on the bluetooth headset?

Thank you


By default your phone uses the built-in microphone to record a memo. If a bluetooth headset is connected, the phone automatically uses the headset microphone to record the memo. The ROM changes the audio route itself, apps can't affect it.

If you have a bluetooth headset connected but the phone doesn't switch to the headset microphone automatically, this indicates your ROM has bugs inside. You should wait the manufacturer to fix it in future ROM updates.

Thanks for the suggestion "trigger a memo recording using one of the buttons on the bluetooth headset", we'll consider it.


I am using a note 3 with android 5.0. I am pretty sure they are not updating the rom any longer.

Interestingly enough, it appears that when I record a telephone call, with bluetooth connected, boldbeast will utilize the bluetooth headset mic.    Is it possible that the memo feature needs to be set to use the bluetooth mic?

Do these setting for call recording effect the memo?
https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic83 … order.html

When I go into Memo settings> audio source  I can choose:
Main Microphone
Back Microphone
Voice Recognition
Voice Communication

I am curious which mics these are and if it is possible to add another?
Thank you for your help


So your phone has bluetooth recording problems. You have rooted the phone. You are using the rooted options in Boldbeast Recorder fixing the problem successfully during call recording.

Boldbeast Recorder dosn't deal with memo recording problems because almost all phones have no problem with memo recording. It mainly deals with call recording problems.

Can you please click "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Ask New Parameters" in Boldbeast Recorder to send log files to me? Let me have a look at them and tell you how to fix your memo recording problem.