I recorded a appointment to under all my phone recoding when my appt was dropped I comforted them ttlhat I had evidance of the call. Then my next call did not record and they third call only recorded my voice. How can I fix this is is this just a company coving it's mistakes. How do I record all. Worked in my first call. Did they block my record ing?


Your first call recorded good.
=> That's OK.

Your second call was not recorded.
=> Please see [002] in this page http://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_r … oting.html to know how to fix it.

Your third call only record your own voice.
=> Generally, please see here https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic16 … to-g3.html
=> If your phone is Moto G5S, see here: https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic15 … o-g5s.html