You can upload the file to a cloud drive. Most cloud drives can create a link for the file. You send the link to your friend, then he clicks the link to download it.


I used the Huawei mate 10 pro and boldbeast specialty not rooted. Is it really no I have to root my mate 10 pro to have cleare voice on both sides? .... Also in the future. That's just the thing WY I used BB and I loved and just payed for pleas give me answer about use of mate 10 pro Huawei about clear voice on bothe sides
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In a few countries (like Italy) Huawei Mate 10 Android 9 works good, no root needed. However in most countries the caller's voice can't be recorded, so root is needed. Otherwise there will be no solution in the world. After root the phone Boldbeast Recorder V12.0 can fix it.