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I'm US based and have a Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950U on Verizon. Verizon just force updated my phone to Pie and my call recording app no longer works. I use call recording everyday and It's a feature I need for work and I can't live without it. After many google searches, I discovered that Google  took away the ability to record in Pie. In a desperate search for a solution I came across Boldbeast and I'm reading it's possible to record calls again on my phone but only if I root it.

I'm technically minded but I've never rooted a phone before. I've been researching it and I've seen videos that make it look easy and others that make it look really difficult. I've read online that you can't root the SM-G950U or any US version of the S8 because the boot loader is locked. I've also read that you can do it using rooting apps like OneClick root.

In short, I don't know what to believe. If it's possible to root using one of these easy apps I would go that route since it looks like the least error-prone method. The only reason I want to root is to get call recording back. I don't care about anything else like installing custom ROM's

Can anyone here help me out? Is it possible to root Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950U on Verizon? If so what's the smoothest and easiest method to it so I record calls with Boldbeast on Pie? Thanks


There are more than 10000 Android phones in the market, the root approach is different from phone to phone. I don't have the same phone myself, so I don't know how to root it. Sorry. Hope someone else can help you.


I appear to have developed the same problem as posting #51 on my Samsung S8.  Boldbeast worked perfectly until an update yesterday.  (Pi was forced on me several months ago and until yesterday Boldbeast worked fine).


Some phones with Android 9 Pie initially work good in some countries, but work bad after a update later because the manufacturer disabled the call recording feature in the new update. For example Galaxy Note9 SM-N960F Android 9 Pie in Taiwan 2019-01-07 the ROM N960FXXU2CSA2 works great, but 2019-02-08 it updated to the ROM N960FXXS2CSB2 and it worked bad. In this case root is needed to fix it. Your Galaxy S8 is in the same situation.


I am in the US.  The update was released June 3, 2019, Verizon informs me.  IT is build #:  G950USQU5DSDA.
Are you planning a fix?
If not, what is the best set of instructions how to most simply root this phone?  I have avoided rooting up to now and would prefer to continue avoiding a rooting solution, although it is essential I have a good working voice recording app and Boldbest Call Recorder is the Best!



+1 Verizon Galaxy S8, not working. I was on Pie before I ever bought Boldbeast (an act I did upon reading the dev's "it works the best on all phones!" jingle).
Can we get a fix PLEASE?? Even directing which settings to select would be appreciated.


Without root there is no solution in the whole market unfortunately.


I'm in Quebec, Canada. I have a Galaxy S8, model SM-G950W, running Android 9.0 Pie since april 2019. I'm and experiencing the same problem as post #51. Before the update, any call recording apps worked just fine but since the update, the other party's voice is very weak.

I found Boldbeast who appears to have a solution ot it.

But unfortunately, the only instruction I find on Internet regarding how to ROOT my Galaxy S8 says it works fine for "International model SM-G950F",  but won't work for USA's or Canada's models "SM-G950U" or "SMG950W".

Also, since I'm not familiar at all with rooting a phone, I read carefully about different issues and found out that banking apps and payment solutions might not worked properly after rooting.

I don't care for warranty, neither for service from my provider (TELUS) who can't help me at all. I need a robust call recording app on my phone since I'm interviewing people over the phone professionally.

I've asked a specialized store in fixing cell to do it for me. But I'm wondering if I will have to re-install everything on my phone after ROOT?

For data, I'm backing-up, so there is no problem, but for setting all the different apps? Will I have to set them all after ROOT?

Thanks everyone for any clues or suggestions



Nowadays almost all users use the Magisk package to root phones.

Some apps (like banking apps etc) refuse to work if they detect the phone is rooted. However Magisk have a feature named "Magisk Hide" that hides the root status from being detected, therefore those apps still work in rooted phones.

Some root solutions don't touch your data in the phone. Some root solutions may destroy all your data.

Google Play Services in your phone regularly backup app data (at most 25 MB an app) to your Google Drive. When you reinstall an app Google Play Services will automatically restore the data of that app to your phone, so you'll find all settings in that app are just as before.

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Samsung S8. Включаю динамик ( громкая связь), но собеседника не записывает. Что делать?


rustem2808 wrote:

Samsung S8. Включаю динамик ( громкая связь), но собеседника не записывает. Что делать?

Sorry, I can't understand completely.
If "all calls can't be recorded and saved", please see [001] in this page http://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_r … oting.html to know how to fix it.

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У меня android 9.0. При записи не слышно собеседника. Попробовал записать при включенном динамике, но все равно не слышно собеседника. Мой голос слышно хорошо.Посоветуйте может поменять настройки?


You should root the phone to make recordings crystal clear in both sides.

Without root if you switch on the speaker, the caller's voice is loud in the room, the recorder will record both your voice and the caller's voice from the microphone. Generally the recordings are good.

If you switch on the speaker, and you are using a bluetooth headset or a wired headset, the caller's voice may be very weak in recordings because the microphone in the headset is far from the speaker.


Thanks for the good app!

Galaxy S8+, Android v9

According to the main page of your website, in Russia Google allows call recording and device root is not needed.
Inspired by that  (I bought the phone in Russia and use it here) I am trying to set up your recorder.

The old (for Android v7) recommended settings I found in this thread are:
- Record Mode: 1 or 5
- Tune Audio Effect: No
- Tune Audio Route: Group3
- Tune Samsung1: Yes
- Tune Samsung2: Yes
- Tune Samsung3: No

Are some changes for Android 9 ?



There is no change.
Does it work good?


My S8 plus SM-G955F runs Oreo 8.0.0  build R16NW.G955FXXS4CSA2 (Australian Optus logo). Records perfectly fine. I am not updating it for the next version just because of potential problems with  call recording. Can anyone from Australia tell what happened after the update to Pie?