Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21, ALE-L23  doesn't need root, just install Boldbeast Recorder V8.0 or newer versions and go.

Android 5.0 and 5.1 please use these settings to record calls:
- Record Mode: 4, 1, 5 or 7
- Tune Audio Route: Group2 or Group3

Android 6.0 please use the same settings as Huawei P8 to record calls.

Some calls were not recorded?
The reason and the soluton: http://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic104 … calls.html

In some recordings the caller's voice is weak?
The reason and the soluton: http://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic104 … voice.html



Can you give settings for hands free BT module??


Huawei P8 phones doesn't record calls well via bluetooth.
However if you root the phone Boldbeast Recorder can fix the problem. Please enable the "Change Audio Control" option in the app, then you'll record calls perfectly in two directions via bluetooth. The option is visible only after you root the phone.


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Hi, on my HUAWEI P8 LITE Android 6.0 (ale-l21c432b565) without ROOT, as you suggested, I used the same settings of the HUAWEI P8, however, registration in and out is not perfect. thanks for your help
BOLDBEAST RECORDER VERSION 8.6 GP (PRO VERSION, regularly purchased from google play store)


You said "not perfect", what's the detail?


Hello, on my HUAWEI P8 LITE Android 6.0 WITH ROOT (ale-l21c432b565), to solve any kind of problem, I advance was root. Kindly tell me how best to configure the app ... (BOLDBEAST RECORDER VERSION 8.6 GP (PRO VERSION, Regularly Purchased from google play store) THANK YOU VERY MUCH


Other Huawei P8 Lite users confirmed suggested settings work well, no root needed.
The same settings work well also after root the phone.



P8 lite dual sim, android 6.0, no root. I tried to record a call but, when I play, I hear the first 0.5 sec at normal speed then it goes FAST: it's about twice the speed!

Is it because the device is not rooted?



This is because the phone has a bug inside - it uses a wrong Sample Rate to record calls.
In the app please change the File Sample Rate to a right number to fix the problem. See Huawei P8


So how can I install or activate dis call record in my phone?


You can install Boldbeast Recorder from Google Play, or from our web site https://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_recorder.html