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I received the Android 12 update today on my phone, and it looks like boldbeast does not like it at all.  It simply won't start, and trying to open it will only display the BB logo and it will stay stuck there.  Impossible to get in the app.

Uninstall/reinstall didn't help.  And since I cannot open the app, I also cannot send the debug logs :(

Same here, galaxy s21 ultra android 12

Same here, Android12, BoldBeast -Pro-payedVersion- on Sansung Galaxy A52s (SM-A528B/DS)
asked for help from the developer, never ever gor any answer, how's that for a service? Pay and No-Cure?

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Me as well. I found that 12 can not be removed, even by flashing. This app is the reason I did not buy an IPhone when I bought this Samsung S20 Ultra. About to file a complaint with the FCC, not that it will do any good. They probably are under f'oogles thumb, like everyone else.  FCC <consumercomplaints@fcc.gov>  Thank you for your submission. Your request has been received and assigned Ticket No. 5349672.

I think every one should boycott f'oogle, gotten way to big and need to be all but destroyed. Broken into little small pieces.
If this is not fixed, will dump Samsung and android. If enough people complain they will change their crooked policy. Did anyone notice we can now update over cellular data now?

UPDATE!!! I got got my bold beast back!! You may not like how. I flashed back to 11, despite both Samsung and their authorized repair guys telling me IT CANNOT BE DONE. All my apps that were broken now work. Just have to test Android auto. Good news is now cannot update unless I use my home internet, ie wifi. NEVER MAKING THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. So proud to have done this myself!!!
Added note on 4/08/22. I prefer to have a working phone, BB was one of 14 apps that broke with A12. BB and extreme call blocker were the must have apps that lead me to stay with android phones. I was at the point of either a new phone without 12, or moving to an iPhone. The fact that these 2 apps don't run on iPhone is why I am here. I bought a German motherboard but prior to installing that, I tried one more time to flash back to A11 and was successful. I will keep A11 until f'oogle decides to relent in their interference with these apps. I would think A12 would have been released to dsvs for testing prior to bombing all android phones. So much for customer satisfaction! If f'oogle doss not fix this, my next phone is an iPhone, pretty much if there is no BB, THERE WILL BE NO ANDROID FOR ME.

Android auto works correctly too.

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For every one, complaints need to go to google, not Bold Beast. This in an intentional violation on consumer rights . Corporations feel they alone have the right to record us, not the other way around, google ids probably tied with walmart as being the most evil of companies. Y'all are aware that cell companies order their version of android to block network protocols of their competitors so you either throw away high dollar phones and go to another provider or forced to stay with the provider you have come to hate. Getting an unlock code does not re-enable competitor protocols, you have to flash the phone. All this are deals between google and cell phone service providers. That is why I never again will buy a cell phone from service providers

Hi Janelle,
Thank you for your submission. Your request has been received and assigned Ticket No. 5349672. From FCC <consumercomplaints@fcc.gov>. Everyone, file a complaint, swamp the FCC, and yes this will only make them mad, they probably can not contact google either. Watch, I will get cancelled off the internet when f'oogle hears of this! I do not care about facebook, f'oogle probably blackmailed, controls them, TOO

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As the developer discontinued this project or Android doesn't support anymore these recording functionality....

do we have an alternative solution out there?


Me toooo. Black screen of death. This sucks!

I'm going to try SKVALEX; thanks for the info.

Developer, please come back!

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I am trialling Call Recorder by Lucky Mobile Apps on my samsung S20 FE. So far all calls have been recorded and uploaded to Dropbox using dropsync. Only issue was a 3 second break in replay using the app. Replaying original file .mp3 on Windows was perfect. Fingers crossed. Skyvalex had mixed reviews so I looked for higher rated option with recent communication from the developer.

Update. Trial abandoned due to recordings either not working until reboot or they contained gaps with no response from developer. Trialling Cube ACR and so far has worked flawlessly. Will continue to test.

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Działa Cube ACR na Galaxy S10+ Android 12 (bez roota). Pozdrawiam

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I bought skvalex. Works perfectly. It is really sad that boldbeast is gone.


Also not working here, got android 12 today, on OnePlus 8T.
Damn damn damn ..
How to get rid of android 12?


call recorder - from killer mobile.

icon is blue background with cellphone in it and a big red recording button in phone.

it is on google play.

This app actually worked/works fine. Both ends are recorded. uses same technic as BB to work around the make it possible to record caller voice to.

However, it seems they have a problem with the app or its just me, it work fine for 1 week or 2, then it stop working. Dont record anymore. Total silence.

Maybe anyone here can try it out and see?
It records call automaticly.

And sure if u uninstall if after 1-2 weeks when it stops working, and then reinstall it again it works again.  Andorid 12 and samsung galaxy.


nadieaqui wrote:

Update - 2021-11-01
FYI: I tried Skvalex (v3.4.9) which worked. I used Magisk to install Skvalex ("Call Recorder - SKVALEX") which made necessary changes and installed the app. tested on 5 calls (using phone and Bluetooth headset) - my voice and the other person was recorded clearly.

You need to flash the phone to get it to work?
Or is it just to download from the homepage to the phone and it will work?


The problems are clear.
Then it's quiet embarrassing that the crew from Boldbeast don't react at all.


The app i mentioned just above here in my last or second to last post works fine, and same with 1 other app at least. BUT the problem with them is that after 7-10 days the stop working....

WHY ??

1 answer i got is its google/android/the phone that kill app after those days. And u must change a setting so it does not  do it. In battery saving or so...BUT that setting is off already.

Anyone know what setting they mean?

And is there a task-killer built in the phone that can kill it after those days?


Temporary-Failure wrote:

I bought skvalex. Works perfectly. It is really sad that boldbeast is gone.

How much it cost? See no info other place. Hidden behind u must make an account first...

It seems to work very good with samsung galaxy Good sound even without speakerphone. All u need to do is download it an go. No flash or special installments.