Moto X Style has following variants:
XT1570   China
XT1572   Europe, Australia and most Latin American carriers
XT1575   USA, known as Moto X Pure Edition

Android 5.1.1 / Android 6.0 Motorola disabled the call recording feature of XT1570, XT1572 and XT1575, all recorders need root to fix the recording problem.

In Boldbeast Recorder please use these settings to record calls after root the phone:

- Record Mode: 1 or 5
- Tune Audio Route: Group3
- Change Audio Controls: Yes
- Change Audio Driver: No
- Start Input Stream: test Yes and No

Android 7.0 No longer need root, now just install Boldbeast Recorder and go. Please use these settings to record calls:

- Record Mode: 1
- Record Format: MP3
- Fix Recording Issues - Tune Audio Effect: No
- Fix Recording Issues - Tune Audio Route: Group3

It records calls very well in two sides, confirmed by XT1572 Android 7.0.


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