Boldbeast call recorder works perfectly for Moto Maxx XT1225 and XT1250, No Root Needed, just install and go.

Please use these settings to record calls:

- Record Mode: 1 or 5
- Record Format: WAV
- Tune Audio Route: Group3

Updated 2016-07-14
Settings above work perfectly for Android 5.0.2, no root needed. However in Android 6.0.1 Motorola added more strict limits in the ROM (I have just checked the Android 6.0.1ROM from Brazil), all recorders in the market are impossible to bypass the limits, as a result you can only record your voice, the caller's voice is very weak. So you should root the phone, then Boldbeast Recorder can fix the problem.

After root Android 6.0.1, please use these settings to record calls:

- Record Mode: 1
- Tune Audio Effect: No
- Tune Audio Route: Group3
- Change Audio Controls: Yes
- Change Audio Driver: No
- Start Input Stream: test Yes and No


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