121 Motorola Defy+ Rooted

by PlayHunter

123 LG G6 Android 9

by kinwolf

124 Ask before save

by Moose774

126 Oppo Reno 4 Pro

by personal

127 Moto G Power (G8)

by daybox1

128 Auto switch speaker on

by wrolf.blinkdog

130 Recording not working

by mcox600

131 Moto g8 plus android 10

by bucoplo

132 android 11

by henk.jan.bezemer

134 Samsung Note 10+5 on Verizon

by abroadwarriorc

136 Recording problem lg g8x

by basukoratty

137 Xiaomi MI 9T Pro

by gioves

140 Paid but not working

by butterflylewis1

143 Android 10 reverts pro to free

by daviesmike

146 LG v30

by mwmagnum67

147 Enforcement of Auto Backup.

by ypansare21


by salman.p2012

150 Samsung A71

by wizzenwitch