hp_guy03 wrote:

since this in the sticky,

can we have info on how to enable it on Note 8.
so far no luck

never mind, found the solution, to get the software off google play, as the one there shows V11.9

then internally purchase the software

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25 April 19 - automatically updated my note8 to what is described as an abomination (PIE) bold beast now doesn't record the other party whatever only my voice, any ideas?
I also tried other call recorders too and they do the same thing.
Also, I can't find BOLDBEAST on google play anymore, why?


A moment ago we were updating the app in Google Play, so it was unavailable temporarily.
Now it has been updated to V12.3, and it is available again.

About Android Pie, you should root the phone to fix the recording problem.
Android 9 Pie call recording: https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic17 … rding.html


I have a note 8 and just updated to android 9.

Before the update, I had no issues. After the update, my voice is very very quiet while the person on the other end is clear and loud. How can I raise the volume on my end?


You should root the phone to fix it.