In some countries Huawei Honor 6 can record calls perfectly without root.

In other countries Huawei disabled the call recording feature of the phone, you should root your phone to let Boldbeast Recorder to fix it.
After root please use Record Mode 21 to record calls, it works very well.


At this moment all other recorders can't fix the recording problem even with root. Record Mode 21 in Boldbeast Recorder is the only solution in the world.

Huawei Honor 6 uses the Kirin 920 chip that is not so popular as Qualcomm chips, as a result if the call recording feature is disabled by the manufacturer it is hard to fix it, because recorder app developers have no know-how about the chip.

Record Mode 21, 22, 23 and 24 in Boldbeast Recorder are specially for these kind of chips, even if we don't know a chip very well these Record Modes can still fix recording problems for a lot of phones.


Updated 2015/03/10
Boldbeast Recorder V7.5 is released, now it can record calls perfectly in two sides for Huawei phones, No Root Needed.
See post #10 bellow.

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I can record calls perfectly in two sides for Huawei/Honor H60-L04 - Europe, no root, EMUI 3 - mode 1, tune special, amr, no autodetect call.
But sometimes call recorded, but "losing it" mute.
Button fastening could be larger and more diverse settings.:-).
Otherwise perfect program  (No root mode), maybe a little approaching Call Recorder from kvalex or Clever.



You said "losing it" mute. What does this mean?


It's quiet. Playback indicator is moving but no sound. Amr file does not play or external player. But not always, only sometimes.


WAV format is suggested, it works better than AMR/3GP/MP4. Please use WAV to test again.


Honor 6 Plus

Outgoing call : Playback indicator is moving but no sound.
Incomming call : Work well.

Pls. Suggest me



- update the app to V7.9 or newer versions.
- set all options to default settings.
- set the "Call Settings - Outgoing Calls - Auto Detect Max Time (Seconds)" option to a larger number, for example 6 seconds.

Now test it again.


Huawei Honor 6  H60-L04 Android 5.1.1, please use following settings:

- Record Mode: 1
- Record Format: WAV
- Tune Audio Effect: Yes
- Tune Audio Route: Group3

No root needed, calls are recorded in two sides.

The settings work well also for Android 6.0, no root needed.

Some calls were not recorded?
The reason and the soluton: http://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic104 … calls.html

In some recordings the caller's voice is weak?
The reason and the soluton: http://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic104 … voice.html


Hello boldbeast,

some Problem   with Honor 6 Plus   5.1.1

By Ingoing  calls   he list the name.
By outgoing Calls = Unknown

sporadically the name is viewed times shown unknown.

It can be seen no logic



Please look here:
http://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic116 … -name.html